Making life better in general practice

Reducing the load on clinical staff and making patients happier

Created by GPs for GPs, Emmy is a system to manage consultations, patient-practice communication and appointment scheduling and has been specifically designed to help alleviate the pressures of modern general practice.

Our ambition is to ensure that scarce GP and nurse resources can be focused on the highest priority needs and to reduce the administrative burden and low value tasks that consume time and energy.

At the same time we aim to give patients an improved experience – directing all requests to the most appropriate service and ensuring all patients receive confirmation that their request has been received and assessed.  

How can Emmy help your practice?

Handling new requests

  • Telephone or online, handled without capacity constraints
  • Routine tasks automated
  • Full picture of demand
  • Linked to patient history

Triage and rapid response

  • New requests organised and prioritised for review
  • One line summary gives instant overview (coming soon!)
  • Voice and online queries consolidated in one place
  • Template responses (for referrals and requests that don't need an appointment)
  • One click macro responses enable automatic monitoring and follow-up

Powerful appointment scheduling

  • Flexible time structures (session planning) to meet practitioners' needs
  • Available slots for given level of urgency identified automatically thanks to intelligent rules
  • Full control over who books an appointment (practice or patient) and when in the workflow
  • Automatic reminders and system to backfill late cancellations
  • Hence the calendar in Emmy becomes the primary tool for scheduling appointments

Automated follow-up and chronic care

  • Set follow-up tasks manually (one click) or automatically (by request type)
  • Automatically track patient responses
  • Proactive prompts for patients
  • Flexible system of macros allows practices to innovate

Why Emmy?

Proven concept, proven value

  • In use in over 300 practices in Europe
  • The average practice gives 9/10 to the question "Would you recommend Emmy to a colleague?"
  • Proven value - more than half of practices that use Emmy for more than a year report a time saving of at least 30 minutes per day (per full -time equivalent), and 20% report more than an hour.

Accessibility and useabllity

  • Emmy provides equal access for everyone - patients do not need to be online to use Emmy (it's enough to be able to call and text)
  • Simple, structured user interface built from a GPs perspective
  • Rapid deployment with highly rated customer support
  • Integrated solution to simplify user experience and minimise disconnects between systems

GP focused

  • Development is directed by medical professionals
  • Continuously improving – we are always listening to issues highlighted by our users and use this feedback to drive product development
  • All we do is Emmy - we don't get distracted by other priorities


When we go live in the UK, Emmy will be fully compliant with NHS standards to protect patient data and confidentiality, and provide the necessary audit trails.

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